Feeding the biosourced sector

Algae are an inexhaustible source of innovation, used by a growing number of sectors in the food, agriculture, materials, cosmetics, health and other industries. Azollae creates projects with these players who want to ensure an ecological, secure and high-quality supply, particularly in the following sectors:


Seaweed is excellent
for your health.

They can be eaten fresh, in preparation or with other ingredients, to make our menus more vegetarian and less carbon-intensive.


algae are beneficial to the health of plants and animals.

They are used in biofertilizers, biostimulants and animal feed to produce without antibiotics and pesticides, while reducing our carbon footprint.


Algae have unique physical properties.

They are a raw material widely used in industry or for the production of bioplastics from the sea.

Algae production is booming

Seaweed production has grown steadily over the last 50 years to meet the numerous demands of the market. Production has increased 60-fold, from 0.56 million tonnes (fresh) in 1950 to 36 million in 2020.

Source and graphics: Phyconomy

💡 Did you know?

"At the current rate, by 2050, the mass of polymers in the ocean should represent 750 million tonnes, a quantity greater than that of fish".

[...] Algae could soon replace plastic. A phenomenal challenge. [...]